Spider silk could lead to a new generation of microphones and hearing aids

Spider silk in your ear? For once, that sounds like a good idea.

Startled bees let out an adorable ‘whoop’ when a hive-mate bumps into them

They do it a lot.

That Viral Video with Guitar Strings? That’s Bogus. Here’s what Guitar Strings are Really Doing

Recently, a video published on Vine by Logan Gendizzle went viral. The video claims to show what the guitar strings look like up close while the author is playing Weezer’s “Say it Ain’t So”. The result is pretty spectacular, it got tons of shares and likes… and it’s fake. The good news is that reality is even cooler.

Making walls talk – new technique extracts audio from video

A very simple, yet effective optical technique was demonstrated that can transform video inputs, such as the motion of a piece of paper, into audio. To achieve this, the researchers involved exploited a simple principle that describes how sound waves causes objects in their path to vibrate. If you reverse engineer the vibrations, you can effectively decode the sound source