FDA says seriously, stop stealing your pets’ opioids

Apparently, this is a problem.

15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Doctors and Medical staff

Gifts for our heroes

Doctors perform eye surgery on a goldfish

People generally love their pets, but we’d be lying to say there isn’t an inter-species discrimination. How many fish owners do you know who’ve been with their goldfish to a veterinarian? Not that many, I presume. Certainly, number-wise it pales in comparison to dogs or cats. The story of a Scottish goldfish named Star which had its cancerous eye removed by doctors thus serves as a noble example of respect and responsibility that all pet owners should bear.

For only the 2nd time in history, mankind has erradicated a virus

Scientists working for the UN reported today that they have erradicated the Rinderpest virus, a virus that is deadly for cattle. Rinderpest would be only the second virus erradicated by mankind, after smallpox. It caused massive damage in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, having a survival rate of only 10-20%. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said they