Europe is now home to over one million electric vehicles

China passed the mark in 2017. The US is estimated to do so later this year.

Sweden opens world’s first electrified road, to charge e-vehicles on the run

It’s a socket! It’s a road! It’s… both?

Australian Committee thinks it should be OK for drunk people to use autonomous cars

Drink and let the car drive!

Aggressive driving burns up to 40% more fuel and can waste one dollar per gallon

Ah cost, the ultimate motivator.

Micro-vehicles move through a mouse stomach, healing its ulcers

The future is here.

Giant zeppelin could change how we think about air transportation

Old tech to solve modern problems.

First U.S. testing of a man-carrying drone planned for later this year in Nevada

Chinese company EHang’s model 184 will be the first human transport drone to ever be tested in the U.S. Keep your fingers crossed, this may solve your commute problems forever.