The US lost roughly 1 in every 100 urban trees between 2009 and 2014

Which is a pity, because they save us a lot of money.

Chaotic cities are cooler than orderly ones, researchers report

Being science, ‘cool’ here refers to temperatures.

Living in a park: Sydney’s One Central Park proves cities can be green

Now let’s make more!

Birds in suburbs defend their territory more aggressively than their rural counterparts

City birds aren’t very friendly to each other.

European capital designates Natural Park right in the city

The park will be the biggest urban protected area in Europe.

Heart Disease affects Urban and Rural Dwellers Alike

According to a study from Women’s College Hospital and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), Canada, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a rural or urban setting when it comes to heart disease – the risk if the same for both environments. The general consensus is that those living in rural areas are at a disadvantage as far

Does a green roof on a bus really make sense?

Greening the urban environment is not only pleasant to look at – it’s a necessity! But as cool as planting a green roof on a bus is, is this really an efficient way to go at it? The good I absolutely love green roofs – and I love innovative public transportation! It makes sense that I’d be a fan of

Busting 8 of the weirdest science myths

Well you’ve probably all seen the Myth Busters. I’ve watched some episodes and loved most of them, so I’m hoping I can give them a hand. I haven’t watched all the episodes so if they (or anybody else) already took care of these myths well… oh well. The duck’s quack doesn’t echo This is one of the most quacky myths