North American flying squirrels are bright pink — under UV light


Robots might soon be sanitizing hospital rooms, killing far more bacteria than humans

Robots do a much better job at sanitizing than humans ever could.

Far-ultraviolet lamps could eradicate airborne viruses in public spaces — with no risk to us

It can’t go through our skin, but it will wreck viruses and bacteria.

Self-tanning drug could fight skin cancer — and improve your beach experience

It could make a huge difference.

Play outside, kids! Sunlight reduces chances of myopia in children

You often hear people complaining that kids don’t play outside anymore – instead just hanging in the house all day long, playing on the computer (tablet/xbox/whatever). This is a pretty big problem, because there is a myriad of advantages to playing outside; this study has added yet another advantage to that list: playing outside reduces the risk of myopia in

Tomorrow’s camera is flash free, regardless of light conditions

As any amateur photographer can tell you, in order to take a clear picture, you require a good light source; so in poor light conditions, the solution was the intense flash. However, there are some obvious disadvantages. Still, computer scientist Rob Fergus started thinking if we actually need such an intense light source, or if we could actually develop some