UK’s massive wind turbines are setting the course for a cheap-energy future

They’re more like bigbines.

World’s largest wind turbine will be taller than the Empire State Building

In wind energy, bigger is almost always better.

Flapping wind turbine mimics hummingbird to produce electricity

One odd design is being tested out in Tunisia right now.

Why the first, tiny offshore wind farm in the U.S. is a huge step forward

These five turbines signal a change through out the country.

A desk-sized turbine can power 10,000 homes

Fresh from the GE Global Research lab is this tiny monster: a turbine small enough you can hold in your hands, but powerful enough to provide energy to a whole town. It’s secret lies in a couple of design features, but also the power agent. Instead of steam, the “minirotor” as it’s been nicknamed is driven by supercritical carbon dioxide.

Doubling renewable energy by 2030: not only feasible — it’s expensive not to

The International Renewable Energy Agency claims doubling worldwide renewable energy capacity fifteen years from now would provide savings which far exceed the costs.

Samsø – The World’s Greenest Guinea Pig

If you were to be optimistic, where do you think mankind would get most of its energy a century from now? Most would say from renewable sources. In fact, this project has been going on for a few years now. But just as any project needs, this one has an experiment which so far has given very good results. What