Ancient, “priceless” royal jewelry uncovered in Kazakhstan

Treasure? Yep, priceless, golden, sparkly treasure.

‘Holy Grail’ of shipwrecks discovered, carries up to $17 billion in gold, silver, emeralds

Boy oh boy, the Spanish must’ve been furious when they lost this ship.

Viking treasure pot, opened more than 1,000 years after it was hidden in modern Galloway

The first images of Viking treasure, stashed in a pot more than 1,000 years ago and buried in a field in Galloway, have been made public by the conservators working to preserve them. The items, including six silver disk brooches, a gold ingot and Byzantine silk, are not currently on display.

Archaeologists in Madagascar discover the treasure of notorious pirate Captain Kidd

Archaeologists working in Madagascar have uncovered the treasure hidden by the notorious pirate Captain Kidd – and they have the loot to prove it: a 50 kg silver bar they presented to the president of Madagascar. US explorer Barry Clifford discovered the shipwreck and recovered the silver bar, but he believes that many more still lie undiscovered at the bottom