Scientists activate tooth regeneration in mice

Mice are born with a single set of teeth, unlike humans which have two. Now, scientists used genetic techniques to signal the formation of additional teeth in mice.

The first hominids might have evolved in Europe, fossil jaw suggests

Emphasis on might.

Amateur archaeologists find 560,000 year old human tooth

A half a million year old human tooth was discovered in France in a place called Tautavel, one of Europe’s most important prehistoric caves. Anthropologists hailed the discovery as an extremely important one, with chief researcher Tony Chevalier calling it a “major discovery”.

Barium levels in fossil teeth show change in breast feeding behavior in Neanderthals and early humans

Just yesterday we were telling you about a change in diet 3.5 million years ago, modifying the way our hominid ancestors evolved and, in turn, how we evolved. Now, we’re moving a little closer to the present day – researchers calculating the barium levels in fossil teeth claim that they’ve found a difference in the way humans and Neanderthals were