What is hyaluronic acid

Let’s take a look at this pretty unique substance which permeates our bodies.

Collagen networks and hyaluronic acid literally keep you in shape, new study reports

How most of us feel in regards to our shape, well, that’s not biology’s concern.

Experimental bioreactor helps frogs regenerate lost limbs

No more peg legs on the high seas, yarr!

New structure that keeps cells bound together discovered in human cells

We’re nowhere near close to ‘discovering everything’ yet.

New 3D-printing process creates ligaments, tendons for transplant — paves the way for replacement organs

Print me a new me, please. Make me taller, too.

Earliest evidence of bone solves mysterious origin of our skeletons

New research solves a 160-year-old mystery about the origin of the vertebrate skeleton.

Newly-developed 3D printing method uses cells, biomolecules to recreate tissues

The day when you can download and 3D print a sandwich inch ever closer.

If stem cells don’t grow as you want them to, just add a dash of parsley-husk scaffolding

To be fair it works with other plants too, but I was shooting for a culinary title.

Cells nudge each other with proteins when moving to keep your body in one piece

Knowing how cells coordinate could let us improve healing speeds and fight cancers.

Synthetic muscle made from nylon is 100 times stronger than human muscle

Sometimes, I come across stories or various research that make me wonder “why the heck hasn’t anyone else thought of this before?” We should be grateful, nevertheless, that researchers from University of Texas at Dallas have found a way to manufacture artificial muscle that is up to 100 times stronger than the flimsy tissue that makes up the human biceps.

System To Build Transplant Tissue Created

  Organ transplants are no longer a novelty,  but transplants could help save a lot of lives of people who need certain tissues to live. There is probably going to be a day when laboratories could be able to grow synthetically engineered tissues such as muscle or cartilage needed for transplants [later edit: Scientists create 3D tissue printer that prints