Two new dinosaurs found in Thailand are smaller, cuter, but still deadly cousins of the T. Rex

They might also rewrite the history of megaraptors as we know them.

Supermarkets in Thailand start using leaves as packaging instead of plastic

It’s sustainable both environmentally and economically.

Meteor strikes Thailand twice in 3 months

  The first (seen in the first animation) took place on September 7 and the second one on the November 2. People though these were some planes crashing, but were later confirmed to be small meteor showers. Just so you know, this happens all the time in our atmosphere and there is nothing to be alarmed about. Albeit, legion of these

India-Tanzania-Thailand Scientists to Study ‘Bitter Gourd’ for anti-diabetes

HYDERABAD(South India),Jan 22: A group of scientists belonging to three developing countries – India, Thailand and Tanzania – is trying to find out the ideal variety of the ‘bitter gourd’ (Karela) that is believed to check diabetes from ancient times. They are studying 10 hybrids of the Indian bitter gourd by analyzing the  germplasm and chemical constituents, particularly momordicin, in