Testosterone boost makes men more likely to buy luxury brands

The hormone drives men to enhance their status.

Compounds in essential oil may impact hormones, promote male breast development

They smell awesome, but maybe they’re not meant to go on your skin.

Recents studies show how coffee is good for your health

The idea that coffee is good for you is not a new one.

Ibuprofen long-term use linked to infertility in men

The most common painkiller in the world can cause trouble in men when taken for more than two weeks.

Male contraceptive rub-on gel trial starts in 2018

The rub-on gel contains two hormones: progestin and synthetic testosterone.

Testosterone makes men more confident in their instincts, less likely to question their impulses

We got this.

These lionesses have grown a mane and are acting like males

Five lionesses in Botswana have grown male-like manes and one is even roaring and humping other females.

Good fathers’ testosterone level drops when expecting a baby

From horny freshmen to hugs and pacifiers, testosterone powers every man’s relationships.

How maternal testosterone levels can cause anxiety in offspring

Women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) show elevated levels of testosterone and testosterone derivatives in their systems, as well as an increased risk of anxiety and depression. As the offspring of these women (both sons and daughters) show similar symptoms, it’s been believed that PCOS can be transmitted through genetic code. However, a new idea comes to question this — specifically, the fact that the fetuses of mothers with PCOS are gestating in high levels of testosterone is what causes these symptoms.

Transition to civilization led to drop in testosterone

A study suggests that humanity’s transition to civilization coincided with a drop in testosterone. Less of the hormone is associated with less aggressive behavior and showing tolerance – both essential qualities to a thriving community.

Why are men better navigators than women? Testosterone, not evolution might be the answer

It’s a rather well-attested fact that men are significantly better than women at spatial navigation, something that holds across a wide variety of species, not just humans. General belief holds that evolution triggered this response since our ancestors needed to return home after traveling vast distances in search of food, while the females stayed home. This theory is flawed according