Duo of engineers are working on a kit to test your stress levels at home

Hands up if you think you’d get the maximum result!

Smart on a budget: researchers design free IQ test that takes 10 minutes to complete

“Our test, available for free, levels the playing field for a vast number of researchers interested in using it,” the authors write.

Penn engineers develop $2 portable Zika test

The $2 testing device, about the size of a soda can, does not require electricity or technical expertise to use.

New technique can identify any known virus in a blood sample – without fail

Ian Lipkin, a virus hunter from Columbia University, along with fellow professors Thomas Briese and Amit Kapoor have designed a new system, known as VirCapSeq-VERT, that they claim can detect any known human virus in a blood sample.

Your smartphone will be able to tell if you have blood parasites

Scientists have managed to use a simple smartphone to test for blood parasites; the device and app was successful in small trials in Cameroon.

At home test for colon cancer screening receives unanimous support from FDA advisors (10-0)

Improving colon cancer detection is crucial; it can prevent colon-related cancer deaths by as much as 60 percent in adults who are at least 50-years old – simply through routine scanning. However, traditional screening methods are associated with significant discomfort; this at home test solves this issue, and provides many advantages. This screens for colon cancer using DNA, so you