A tectonic plate off the coast of Portugal might be peeling off

It’s a big call, but researchers are confident.

Europa’s tectonics might be powered by salt, could sustain life on the moon

Different causes, same effect.

There could be an extra, ancient layer of tectonic plates lurking under east Asia


Venus does tectonics without any plates — and it’s possible young Earth did it too

Goddesses… always have to stand out, don’t they?

Mercury will join the Solar System’s “tectonically active” planet club

Scientists found several faults with its application.

What is Gondwana: the supercontinent

This is the story of the last in a breed of geological titans, a supercontinent we named Gondwana.

You can now travel in time and see how Earth’s geology changed

How did South America slot next to Africa? Where was my country a billion years ago?

Volcanic twins of the Red Sea: Sholan and Jadid

We tend to think of the planets as static, enduring, and never changing. With the average human life spanning only decades, we can be forgiven that the dimension of time in which geological processes take place goes a bit over our heads. However, recent images captured by satellites showing the birth of two volcanic islands published in a study by Nature Communications are a powerful reminder that the Earth is a planet alive under its crust as well as above.

Beaked whale reveals Africa’s tectonic secrets

Some 17 million years ago, a beaked whale took a wrong turn up an African river, something which ultimately proved to be its demise. But now, geologists studying the whale’s fossils believe the whale’s unfortunate end might shed a new light on early human evolution.

Quartz may be key to plate tectonics

Plate tectonics is one of the most important theories, from the point of view of its practical effects on society – just look at the earthquake in Japan, or the iminent one in California, for example. More than 40 years ago, a man named J. Tuzo Wilson published a paper in Nature, describing how ocean basins open and close, in