Cobalt-blue tarantula and 30 other species discovered in Guyana rainforest

The brilliant findings underscore the importance of conservation in the area, especially for invertebrates which are often overlooked.

New tarantula species discovered in Sri Lanka is huge

A Sri Lanka researcher has discovered a new tarantula species, and it’s literally a big deal. Spanning across eight inches, this tarantula is big enough to cover your entire face and boasts a unique coloring. Ranil Nanayakkara, a local researcher, along with his team found the tiger stripped arachnid while on a typical arachnid expedition in 2009. Imagine Nanayakkara’s surprise

9 colorful, tree dwelling, extremely small tarantulas found in Brazil

Biologists working in Brazil have discovered nine new species of orange, purple and pink tarantulas lurking around in the trees. The haul of new spider species came from a lengthy study conducted in the Amazon by tarantula specialist Dr Rogerio Bertani of the Instituto Butantan in Sao Paulo. He described these new findings in the ZooKeys magazine. “These are the

MRI scan reveals tarantulas have double heartbeat

Biologists from Edinburgh University might have stumbled across a significant discovery, after strapping a tarantula to a magnetic resonance imaging scanner, which showed how its heart contracted in a unique double beat. The find might apply to a species of spiders. If your curious to see the strange double heart beat for yourself, scientists have a video up on the