Rumors of imminent Higgs boson announcement run amok on science blogs. Discovery might be announced next week

The Higgs boson or the God particle, as it’s also been commonly referred to, is a hypothetical particle that endows other elementary particles with mass. Confirming its existence is of crucial importance to physicists at the moment, otherwise scientists would be forced to rethink another method of imputing mass to particles.  Last year, scientists at CERN registered a hint; a tiny hint of the

Standard Model of Physics might be revamped after experimental findings raise doubts

The Standard Model of Physics is currently the accepted model which describes how sub-atomic particles behave and interact in the Universe. Recent analysis of data gathered by a decade long experiment at the US Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, shows a certain particle decay happening at a pace far exceeding that predicted by the Standard Model. This suggests possible flaws