Spring will come three weeks early in the US by 2100

“Spring is coming,” said no Stark ever. You’ve already noticed that the traditional starting dates for each season have become misaligned, and in some instances patterns have changed with shorter winters and longer springs. This trend is set only to exacerbate in the future. By 2100, spring could come three weeks early on average across continental United States. In some parts, like the Pacific Northwest and the mountainous regions of the Western U.S., spring will be a month early. This might sound like good news if you live in Wisconsin, but in the long-run this spells disaster as ecosystems get disrupted by abrupt seasonal changes.

Consumers have their say: Verizon best – AT&T worst

This year’s annual satisfaction survey conducted by Consumer Reports magazine heralds Verizon as the leading telecom company in customer satisfaction out of all the four nationwide giants in the US. Not very surprising, AT&T scored the lowest benchmark. Yes, for the second year in a row AT&T scored the poorest, which should raise some questions regarding the company’s current attitude

The ‘hottest’ 7 … hot springs

The idea for this article hit me while I was writing this post about awesome landscapes. I was doing some research, and when I found the amazing things hot water springs can create, it was obvious that this article had to come. Grand Prismatic Spring Measuring about 250×380 feet, and being the largest hot water spring outside of New Zealand,