Two raven lineages that tied the knot yield evidence of ‘speciation reversal’

Birds of a feather… merge together.

Sleeping around makes it hard to speciate by mixing genes, paper shows

I don’t even want to speciate.

Seahorses have the fastest evolving genome

Seahorses are even more spectacular than we thought.

Humanity is driving thousands of species extinct, but there’s a flip side — we also create new species

Humans — tyrants of creators? Two researchers explored this duality by studying both extinct species and those who had evolved as a direct influence of man.

America’s invasive species – 450 million years ago

Land clearing and human habitation put significant pressure on local species – combine this with globalization and a general recklessness of the population, and you get a big, negative impact (both environmental and economic) from invasive plants. But invasive plants aren’t something new – they’ve been around for hundreds of millions of years. Scientists have now analyzed 450-million-year-old fossils of