NASA and Russia to work on new Lunar Space Station

It’s good to see two old rivals work together.

Space Race 2.0: Japan wants to put a man on the Moon by 2030

The new space race seems to be shaping up in Asia.

Space research more than pays for itself, but lack of inspiration raises questions

In light of recent NASA budget cuts, a lot of politicians, citizens and, frankly mostly non-science folks, reflect that money should be funneled to other more, immediate goals: education, health, fighting unemployment etc. The rhetoric goes by the familiar terms that there isn’t any reason for man to venture outside the planet, until he at least settles his affairs in

China could own the Moon, as US loses the space race

Another game of solar system monopoly is being played at the moment, and so far, the United States are losing it, according to commercial space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow. The first prize, ownership of the Moon, is up for grabs, and while Americans are still basking in the glory they had some 40 years ago, China seems ready, willing and able

[PHOTOS] How NASA imagined in the 1970s space stations would like in the future

In a time when a thing called the space race was in full swing, technological advance and cocky egos made a lot of people, mostly scientists, get disillusioned with visions of grander for the future.  In the 1970’s Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill with the help of NASA’s Ames Research Center and Stanford University showed that we can build giant orbiting spaceships and