Why snails coil in one direction — and how to change it

On today’s menu: CRISPR-y snails.

Scientists transfer memories between snails with RNA implants

Memory may be far more complex than meets the eye.

Scientists find the smallest snail

The tiny mollusk measures only 0.033 inches (0.86 mm) on average.

Moving snails at least 20m away reverses homing instinct

For the casual nature enthusiasts, snails are a infinite source of joy whenever people come across them. People like to study them and revere how beautiful they are in their own microcosmos – for a while at least, until they get bored that is; it’s a slow paced microcosmos after all. For others, snails are nothing more than pests; slimy

Getting across: how snails travel through birds’ bellies

New York to Paris – 8 hours. Who in their right minds would’ve thought 100 years ago that you could span more than 3600 miles in this kind of time span? Aviation has changed the way we view time and distances forever, and consequently the world is a much smaller place now. Humans aren’t the only non-winged beings, however, to