New sensor backpacks could turn bees into crop-monitoring drones

BEEEE cause we can, that’s why.

Cheap but smart glove translates American Sign Language into text

The device could enable people with speech impairment to communicate easier.

Bio-compatible wireless sensors developed to monitor brain injury

When no longer needed the devices can be deactivated to dissolve and be reabsorbed into soft tissue.

Mixing Silly Putty with graphene creates incredibly sensitive pressure sensors, scientists find

Nothing silly about these findings. Except the putty.

New plasma printing technique can deposit nanomaterials on flexible, 3D substrates

A new nanomaterial printing method could make it both easier and cheaper to create devices such as wearable chemical and biological sensors, data storage and integrated circuits — even on flexible surfaces such as paper or cloth. The secret? Plamsa.

Smart fibers can turn your sweater into a medical monitoring station

The more data doctors have of their patients’ health, the better the treatments they can prescribe. Ideally, you’d want patients to be constantly monitored for key life signs like heart rhythm, glucose levels or even brain activity. Typically, this is only possible in a hospital setting, but what if you want to follow how a patient is doing in real