People with more self-control feel less hunger, fatigue, and stress

Having willpower makes you less susceptible to visceral states.

Air pollution exposure during fetal life linked to brain abnormalities in children

Brain abnormalities might lead to cognitive impairment. that could have significant long-term consequences.

Scientists used brain stimulation to shut off the self-control center

Just a little electricity can change how you make any choice.

Exerting self-control impairs your capacity to form memories

Our ability to inhibit impulsive behaviors, to exercise willpower, is considered a core feature of the brain’s executive functions. This, along with others such as reasoning, working memory and attention regulate our thoughts and guide our behavior, allowing us to adapt them to the changing demands of our environment. But the effort our brain puts into refraining from impulses is so great that it can actually diminish its ability to form memories of the experience.