Sharing a plate helps with both love and work

“Basically, every meal that you’re eating alone is a missed opportunity to connect to someone,” the authors say.

Most people tend to mirror their mother’s number of romantic partners

Turns out most of us are just like our mothers.

Men who flash their wealth are perceived as unsuitable long-term partners

Women can see through the bling.

Life satisfaction hinges not on what you do — but who you do it with

It’s dangerous to go alone — take some friends.

It takes about 200 hours with someone to turn them into a best friend, new study shows

Making new friends take time. A new study quantified how long it takes, on average, for an acquaintance to climb our social circle.

Male prairie voles that drink alcohol ruin their relationships

They are a model for human alcoholism and relationships.

The eye of the friend zone: relationship goals influence how each person looks at potential friends or mates

One person’s crush could be the next one’s prospective friend. The psychology of attraction is far more complex than we thought.

Close relationships make handling stress easier

New research has found evidence of emotional burden sharing (also known as load sharing) between partners in a close relationship. The study, co-authored by Queen’s University PhD candidate Jessica Lougheed, found that a strong personal relationship can help ease stress when placed in difficult situations.