Study finds pigeons are very good at identifying cancer

With robots taking up all the factory jobs and CEO’s outsourcing each and any position they can to China, it’s harder and harder for the common bloke to find a job these days. And it’s only about to get worse as pigeons are now poised to take over the health industry positions for the price of bread crumbs.

Radiologists miss out on 7% of cancers – this computer algorithm doesn’t

Among the many tools it has in its arsenal, cancer is also very good at hiding – so good that according to a study, we miss 7% of cancers even when we have an X-Ray. But a company is looking to change all that an employ the help of accurate computer algorithms.

Some 90% of radiology services in the U.S. hospitals are outsourced. Moving health care overseas?

Generally, you can view services like any other commodity and apply strict goods economics. So if the same type of service is available elsewhere, even in another country, at a cheaper price it makes sense, economically, to outsource. Is health care a different matter, however? Apparently, if you took an X-ray in the past decade, there’s a 90% chance it