Scientists Observe Giant Burst of Radio Waves

Scientists have observed a massive burst of radio waves, helping them narrow down the potential sources of these huge bursts of energy. These events, also called blitzars,┬álast about a millisecond but give off as much energy as the sun does in a million years. These are quite possibly the most interesting and shocking sources of energy in the Universe. It’s

New metamaterial focuses radio waves with extreme precision similar to Star Wars’ Death Star

Researchers at MIT have created a new metamaterial that they used to fashion a concave lens capable of focusing radio waves with extreme precision. The result lens is extremely lightweight compared to its counterparts developed from conventional materials, and could see promising applications in satellite telecommunications and space exploration of distant stars. In many ways metamaterials are supernatural, that’s because

New technology doubles wireless networks efficiency – offers solution to broadband crisis

If you ever wondered why you have to pay for broadband on your smartphone or tablet know that it too, like physical commodities, is a limited resource. Voice, text and Internet services, such as streaming video and music are transmitted on a limited spectrum, and at the current rate of deployment, broadband demand will soon overpower supply. This translates in

Wall-penetrating radar renders real time video of what’s going on behind it

A common SciFi theme we often see in movies is that of extravagant covert ops equipment, like a device which can see through a building and see whatever the enemy is doing inside, eventually convenianetly imagined like ambulant skeletons running around with machine guns. Researchers from MIT have managed to bring such a device to the real world, after they