Book review: ‘Ten Great Ideas about Chance’

Humans are inherently ill-suited to assess odds — this book aims to help.

Probabilistic computing is a game changer

With the development of the internet and technology, data availability is rarely a problem – it’s what you do with the data that actually matters. As a matter of fact, analyzing huge data sets and looking for patterns is a big part of what programmers do today. In what promises to be a huge change, computer scientists have developed so-called probabilistic programming languages, which let researchers mix and match different machine-learning techniques.

Dwelling inside the gambler’s mind

There’s a lot more to gambling than just luck, and whilst it’s impossible to predict an outcome or utilise a system effectively, the human brain and our emotions have a lot to do with the decisions we make during the gambling process. Expectation Say you slide a coin into a one armed bandit, pull the lever and watch the reels