New molecular technique could reinvent plastic surgery — no cuts, scars or pain

In the future, plastic surgery might become non-invasive if you can believe it.

The US alone spends $16 billion on plastic surgery — we’re dealing with 300,000 breast implants a year

You probably don’t need that breast implant but if you want it… make sure you work with a certified doctor.

Cosmetic eye surgery turns brown eyes into blue

We live in a society which puts a lot of pressure on looks. Women especially, are always looking for new ways to make themselves look more attractive either by dyeing their hair, wearing make-up or, in some particular extreme cases, plastic surgery. Now there’s another type of aesthetic procedure – a novel laser treatment which can change your eyes’ color. The

The rise of the Metrosexual Singaporean man

Botox, afternoon facials and jewellery – the preserve of image-conscious Singaporean females, right? Think again. The modern Singaporean man takes pride in his appearance too, and isn’t afraid to show it (or spend money on it). Blogger Albert Robinson noted years ago the trend for Singaporean men wearing jewellery, such as ear studs and necklaces on his blog while male grooming

Plastic surgery of the future will rely on gene therapy

Reconstructive surgery has made huge strides forward in the past few decades alone, helping countless people live a life closer to normal, freer from the immense harshness and pain that comes with damaged and exposed tissue. In the future, regenerative surgery will only evolve, and gene therapy is set to play a major role. A recent study looked to assess

Surgeons perform most extensive full face transplant, including jaws, teeth, tongue and facial muscles

Plastic surgeons at University of Maryland performed the most complex facial reconstruction surgery to date, which included the replacements of both jaws, teeth, facial soft tissue from the scalp to the neck and sensory muscles indispensable to facial expression. The procedure was part of a 72 hour transplant marathon, aftern an anonymous donor generously donated his face and organs in