Your voice will always sound funny when talking to someone you think is your superior

Hear how unthreatening I am!

Life without music – study looks at brain with amusia

For most people listening to music or playing an instrument is a great way to relax, unwind, have fun, and express themselves. But not everybody is able to perceive, appreciate or memorize music, to sing or to dance. Monica is one such person, and to her, any kind of music is just a bunch of noise that makes her head ache and feel stressed.

Researchers discover mice have complex singing skills – and use them to get girls

While researchers have known for quite a while that dolphins and some birds are able to learn and change tunes, you wouldn’t really expect mice to be the next vocal sensation in the animal world. Biologists believed any vocal abilities in mice were innate, but now they found that mice also possess a (rudimentary) motor control center in their brain,