Bacteria might become a natural, toxin-free alternative to pesticides

Biopesticides could protect crops against diseases without the typical downsides of synthetic chemicals.

Researchers call for ban on a widely-used pesticide: it impairs brain development


Glyphosate might be killing bees by messing with their gut bacteria

Glyphosate may not be harmless to animals after all.

Neonicotinoid pesticides found in 75 percent of honey worldwide

The pesticide is heavily linked with the dramatic collapse of bee populations around the world.

Popular pesticides are killing of bumblebees by preventing them from laying eggs

It’s time to face it: our pesticides are killing off bees — and bumblebees.

Farms could slash pesticide use without losing any yield or money, new study finds

More and more evidence is piling up against the use of pesticides.

UN scientists denounce ‘myth’ that we need pesticides to feed the world

Can we feed the world without pesticides?

Bees get much needed win as US court rules against neonicotinoid pesticide

Bee numbers have been dropping at alarming rates, and the growing consensus seem to be that only limiting pesticide use (especially for some pesticides) can save them. Now, a US court overturned federal approval for a new formulation called sulfoxaflor, basically banning the pesticide.

Monarch butterfly populations went down 80% in 21 years

A new study has found that monarch butterfly populations have went down at alarming rates in the past couple of decades, going down on average by 80%. In the forests of Mexico, they went down by as much as 90%.

Italian ban on pesticides has major benefits on bee health

In case you didn’t know, bee popullations all around the world are dwindling. The disorder which is causing this massive decline in bee numbers is called CCD – colony collapse disorder. In 2012 alone, a phenomenon called colony collapse disorder (CCD) wiped out about half of honeybee hives [read more here]. What happens in CCD is that basically worker bees