Parasitic wooden cubes level up 1970s Parisian building with more space, more energy efficiency

Companion cubes!

Cosmic dust identified on cities’ rooftops for the first time in history

Space — a pretty dusty place.

Paris, Madrid, Athens, Mexico City to ban all diesels by 2025, mayors announce

Maybe VW shouldn’t have cheated on their emissions tests.

Reactions to the Paris Climate Deal

A crucial date, or another point in a long line of failures? History will certainly judge the Paris Climate Agreement, but until then, reactions to it have generally been positive. It’s a monumental achievement, if only for being unanimously supported. I found remarks by US Secretary of State John Kerry to be highly relevant: “For a long time we have

COP21 Live Blog: Day 11

Live updates and recent developments from COP21, in Paris — Day 11.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 10

Live updates and recent developments from COP21, in Paris — Day 10.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 9

Live updates and recent developments from COP 21, Paris — Day 9.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 5

Live updates and recent developments from the COP21 Conference in Paris, Day 5

‘The 2 degrees goal is a political figure, not generated by scientific reports’, says IPCC at COP21

Today, at a press conference at COP21, a panel of scientists and chairmen from the IPCC said that they never suggested one or the other figures as a baseline for averting climate change. “The 2 degree goal is a political figure, not generated by scientific reports,” the panel warned.

COP21 Live Blog: Day 3

Live updates and recent developments from Day 3 of the COP 21 U.N. summit on climate change, Paris.

Emissions per capita drop by 8% by 2025, if the 155 countries respect their UN pledges

Before the official talks at the UN climate change summit start next month in Paris, each nation was invited to submit a pledge in which it details how it plans to reduce its carbon emissions. The plan is for the world’s leaders to reach a sensible agreement such that the climate might avert warming by more than 2 degrees Celsius by 2100 past pre-industrial levels. The climate is already 0.9 degrees Celsius warmer. More than 155 countries have responded to the call, amounting to 128 Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). Each country outlined the progress it wants to make differently, depending on how many resources they can dispose of and, of course, how serious they take the issue

Paris takes drastic measures to limit car traffic, in an attempt to fight smog

Paris authorities have put in place 24-hour emergency measures to limit the number of cars in traffic as part of their efforts to fight the smog shrouding the city. Today (Monday, March 23) all cars with number plates that end with an even number will be banned from circulating in the Paris region, unless they’re carrying 3 or more passengers. Clean cars will also be allowed.

Australia might set the stage for failed climate change talks in Paris next year

Australia’s Abbott government has been accused of intentionally taking measures that might lead to an international greenhouse gas emission target in Paris, next year. Australian leaders are keen on insisting there should be a binding legal agreement between the countries that agree to the action, arguing that in lack of such a internationally enforceable framework the agreement would lack credibility.

San Francisco to Paris in 2 minutes [VIDEO]

Here’s another amazing time lapse video which is certain to enchant your senses and entertain equally enough, in which the Beep Show has documented its San Francisco to Paris flight by shooting a photo every 2 miles (clicky clicky every 15 seconds?). The photos were then put together masterfully, resulting in a lovely time lapse view over the American continent,