There are arsenic-breathing microbes in the tropical Pacific, a new study finds

Oxygen? In this economy?! Pffff.

The Pacific Garbage patch is 16 times bigger than we thought


A newly formed island in the Pacific might resemble Martian volcanoes

New landforms on Earth could tell us about how ancient ones on Mars formed.

Remote Island in the middle of the Pacific is the most plastic-littered place on Earth

What was supposed to be one of the most pristine locations on Earth has now become a landfill.

Asian pollution drives storms in the Pacific

While pollution is most felt locally, where its produced, some of it eventually winds up in remote locations proving to be a global hazard even places in the world where there isn’t any kind of fossil industry. For instance, a while ago I reported how 29% of San Francisco’s pollution comes from China – be you didn’t know that. Air