Owls’ ears are always in tip-top shape because they’re self-repairing

They can hear you being salty because they can hear everything.

Owl wings may inspire stealthier aircraft

While the owl is commonly associated with wisdom, make no mistake  – it’s a vicious predator of the night. It’s main weapon is its stealth, as it silently dashes through pitch black catching pray off-guard. This remarkable ability  of noiseless flight has intrigued scientists who are looking to develop aircraft inspired by the owl. The owl has a special plumage that allows

Ornithologists remotely tracks endangered Yosemite Great Gray Owls with sound tech

The Great Gray Owls of Yosemite are a unique species, after they separated from their cousins some 30,000 years ago when an ice age forced them into isolation. Though similar to the Great Gray Owls, commonly encountered through out North America and the Asian taiga forests, the Yosemite branch is genetically distinct, but unfortunately also endangered with only 200 specimens