Marijuana legalization helps decrease opioid consumption, research shows

In states where both recreational and medical marijuana was legalized, opioid prescriptions dropped about 14%.

Opioids no better than Tylenol for treating chronic pain

Certainly something worth considering for opioids users.

Medical cannabis helps one third of chronic pain patients quit prescription opioid drugs

Herb could prove a worthy ally in our fight against opioid drugs.

Cocktail of simple over-the-counter drugs as effective as heavy opioids in treating pain

An Advil and Tylenol cocktail might be just as strong as opioids in dealing with the pain.

FDA wants the Opana opioid painkiller off the market

The United States is going through an opioid epidemic and this decision is a desperate attempt to do something about it.

Scientists make new opioid painkiller, without the nasty side effects

They started from scratch, using computational techniques to explore more than four trillion different chemical interactions.

9/10 of patients who overdosed on opioids and survived still get their meds

A new study shows a part of the problem that fuels America’s prescription opioid epidemic — the worst drug abuse episode in the country’s history.

Prescription painkillers cause 67.8% of opioid overdoses. Heroin a distant second at 16.1%

An American national study that looked at hospital emergency department visits for opioid overdoses found that 67.8% of the cases involved overdosing on prescription opioid drugs, including methadone. Next in line were heroin, other unspecified opioids and multiple opioids. It’s estimated that the treatment costs for the hospitalized overdosed patients in 2010 alone was $2.3 billion. Prescription drugs cause four times more opioid