Germany more than doubled its offshore wind power capacity in 2014

In 2014, Germany installed 543 offshore wind turbines, reaching a capacity of 2.35 gigawatts (GW), getting closer to their plans of having 6.5 GW of wind energy infrastructure installed and connected by 2020.

UK Breaks Second Renewable Energy Generation Record This Year

A new government report by the UK’s Department of Energy And Climate Change shows that the country has reached record rates in terms of the energy it derives from renewable sources, for the second consecutive quarter: 15.5% of the country’s electricity came from renewables, a jump of 5.8% compared to the last period. About half of that energy came from

Wind surpasses nuclear energy in China [shorties]

Wind has overtaken nuclear as an electricity source in China. Arguably, this is just a temporary situation that will change pretty soon (as China is planning to build numerous nuclear reactors), but the fact that nuclear and wind energy are even on the same scale in China – definitely says a lot. In 2012, wind farms generated 2 percent more

National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Solar Has The Most Potential Of Any Renewable Energy Source

A recent study of gargantuan proportions estimated that the technical potential of photovoltaic cells and concentrated solar power (CSP) in the United States, at today’s level of research and with today’s possibilities, is enough to generate about 400,000 TWh of energy annually, significantly more than any other renewable energy source. The study The National Energy Laboratory (NREL) routinely estimates the