Scientists find oldest weapons in North America, questioning the timeline of the continent’s colonization

The Clovis might not have been the first to North America after all.

Found: oldest settlement in North America, confirms local tribe history

The ancient stories held some truth after all.

First humans might have arrived in North America 10,000 years earlier during the Last Glacial Maximum

A new study seems to suggest that an old but controversial hypothesis may be true. Humans might have first arrived in North America 24,000 years ago.

The dead center of North America is serendipitously located in a small town called Center, North Dakota

This was actually very challenging to pinpoint.

Skeleton remains prove first North American settlers came from Asia

The genome sequence of the Ice Age skeletal remains of a 1-year-old boy gave scientists tantalizing proof that the first settlers in North American originated in Asia, and not from Europe as some theories might suggest. The boy belong to a group of people known as the Clovis, the direct ancestors of modern day North American natives. The remains of