Native American societies had their own brand of ‘social media’

Do you think they drunkenly made embarrassing pots and regretted it the next day?

NASA’s study of the Louisiana Deltas yields fantastic images of new land being born

Always down for some eye candy.

Mississippi river might become unnavigable blocking vital shipping route

Portions of the longest river in America, the Mississippi, are at risk of becoming unnavigable, spelling serious economic trouble in areas from the Upper-Midwest to New Orleans since it would also block a major shipping route. Typically the Army Corps of Engineers has been manipulating the river for decades in order to prevent it from changing its course at times

Levees at work against Mississippi flood

Due to weeks of continuous heavy rain, coupled with a runoff from an unusually snowy winter, thousands of homes and over 3 million acres of farmland in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas have been flooded. In a desperate attempt to save neighboring large cities from the floods, U.S, Army Corps of Engineers are working day and night to implement solutions. The

Mississippi flood leads to hoards of animal refugees

Late this Monday, the Mississippi crested in at 47.8 feet (14.5 meters), just less than a foot below the city’s record, set in 1937. As the river reaches nearby city neighborhoods and Shelby County suburbs, nature has “put the pin back in the grenade,” said county spokesperson Steve Shular. Floods are really nasty, but for the local fauna everything’s gone