The unfabulous reason why glitter should be banned 

Scientists glitter can be a health hazard for wildlife once it ends up in waterways.

All-new, natural microbeads could be the future of cosmetics

Science may come up with a brilliant solution — but in the meantime, it’s important to avoid microbeads.

Controversial microbeads study gets withdrawn — doesn’t mean microbeads aren’t bad for the environment

Bad science can have dramatic consequences, so it’s important to weed it out.

Microbeads: Contaminating Our Fish and Sea Salt?

Microbeads are slowly killing off oceanic wildlife — and that’s affecting us as well.

Canada set to join US in banning microbeads

An important move for protecting wildlife and the environment.

Your hygiene and cosmetic products are killing the oceans

Eight trillion microbeads are polluting the US waters every day. As the plastic beads are very small, they breach through the water filtration systems, affecting wildlife and ultimately, humans. The main culprit for this microbead invasion is the cosmetics industry, where the particles are used as exfoliating agents and in toothpastes.