New LHC results could be a back-breaker for the Standard Model of Physics

We can’t call it a major discovery. Not yet.

Scientists believe they’ve found a particle made entirely of strong nuclear force – a glueball

After decades of searching, researchers believe they have finally discovered a glueball – a proposed particle that consists solely of gluon particles.

LHC signals hint at flaws in the Standard Model of Physics

An intriguing signal reported at the LHC might signal some “cracks” in the Standard Model – the theory which describes how different forces interact with each other.

LHC rare findings deal major blow to supersymmetry

Researchers at the Large Hadron Collider have detected one of the rarest decay particle found in nature, dealing a big blow to the supersymmetry theory in the process. SUperSYmmetry “Supersymmetry may not be dead but these latest results have certainly put it into hospital.”, explained Prof Chris Parkes, who is the spokesperson for the UK participation in the LHCb experiment.

New exotic particle behaviour found at CERN

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN has started doing some serious business. This time, an extremely rare particle containing equal parts of matter and antimatter popped up during experiments at the world’s largest and hottest particle accelerator.   The particle, named a B meson is made out of one quark (the building blocks of protons and neutrons) and one antiquark