Zapping the brain with electricity reverses memory loss in the elderly

The stimulation syncs brain regions in order to prevent memory disintegration.

New drug reverses memory loss related to depression and aging

The implications could also be huge for people with Alzheimer’s.

Scientists light the brain of mice to recall their lost memories

A team at MIT in collaboration with the Riken Brain Science Institute in Japan activated the lost memories of mice, suggesting memory deficiencies like amnesia have more to do with accessing data, than storage itself. Though far from applicable to humans, the research does show that it’s possible, in theory at least, to help patients with retrograde amnesia (who’d lost their memories following a trauma or brain injury) live a normal life once more.

Woman has sex so good it blows her mind

Let’s face it: great sex is great sex; but can it be so good that it blows your mind, literally? Yep, sad but true – this was the case for a 54-year-old female patient brought to the emergency room at Georgetown University Hospital with memory loss that followed a sexual encounter with her husband. The woman’s episode of transient global