Research uncovered new, surprising melting patterns beneath the Ice Ross Shelf

Sometimes, you just have to look at individual trees to understand the forest.

Nearly one quarter of West Antarctica ice is unstable, melting, study reports

That’s a LOT of ice.

Retreating ice is exposing Arctic moss and plants for the first time in 120,000 years

Climate change is exposing plant life that’s been preserved by the ice cap for thousands of years.

Boaty McBoatface to lead 5-year expedition to one of the fastest-melting glaciers

It’s one of the last barriers holding back a lot of water from hitting the ocean.

Unless coal is phased out by 2050, Antarctica’s melting ice sheet could drive a massive surge in sea level rise

Some countries are already planning to phase out coal by 2030 but it’s not enough.

New MIT material can soak up solar heat and release it on demand

A team of researchers from MIT created a material that can make use of solar energy in a novel way, absorbing heat and releasing it later, when needed. The researchers led by MIT Prof. Jeffrey Grossman published their results in the journal Advanced Energy Materials. Heat will inevitably dissipate sooner or later, no matter how you try to store or insulate it.