Humor and acceptance oust conflict and bickering in long-time marriages

The old that is strong does not wither!

Divorce risk rises with proportion of opposite-sex individuals at work

Having more individuals of the opposite sex at work may be too tempting for some.

Why Getting Married Might Just Save Your Life

There are plenty of jokes about how marriage will end your life — but the science says that the union is actually good for health.

4,000 year-old clay prenup mentions surrogate mothers and divorce taxes

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Being married might just save your life — if you suffer from heart diseases

Having a shoulder to lean on can get you through a lot of hard times — medically.

Couples who spend more than $20k on engagement rings and weddings are 3.5x likelier to divorce

The wedding industry has been lying all this time. The more you spend on a wedding, the higher the risk of divorce.

Cute animal therapy can be exactly what you need to put the spark back into your marriage

Then again, do you really need a reason to take “cute animal therapy”?

From married couples to the hook-up kids, Americans are having less sex across the board

Maybe they’re outsourcing this too?

Why some marriages last for life – genuinely so: a genetic and psychological explanaition

Dr. Robert W. Levenson is a psychologist at UC Berkeley who has been studying 156 married middle-aged and older couples that were together for more than 20 years. Every five years, the couples were asked to come in and report on their current marital satisfaction. They were observed interacting with each other in a lab setting, where researches judged their interactions though their facial expressions, body language, tone of voice and topic of discussion. Of those involved, 125 also agreed to provide DNA samples.

Why the Japanese government is desperately trying to convince citizens to have sex

The land of the rising sun can be extremely confusing to foreigners, but one thing’s for sure: you gotta hand it to the Japanese for being creative. In the face of its worse demographic crisis to date – 1 in 4 people are over 65 years old – the government is experiment with all sorts of methods to boost birth rates. Now,

Cutting contraceptives after marriage might change how women think of their husbands

After studying 118 newlywed couples for up to four years and regularly surveying the women, researchers Florida State University found that choosing a partner while on the pill might affect a woman’s marital satisfaction. After discontinuing hormonal contraceptives, women reported a drop in marital satisfaction. There’s a trick to it, though. Apparently, the drop in satisfaction was experienced only in