Scientists quantify human intelligence for first time ever using MRI scans

A particular pattern in the human brain is connected to higher levels of intelligence.

Keeping the brain healthy with age: reading, writing or playing games

A new study found a direct correlation between the frequency of cognitive activity at later life and brain health. As we age, the brain’s structural integrity begins to dwindle, however these effects can be hampered to a certain degree by engaging in intellectual activities like reading, writing or playing chess. Any kind of activity that puts strain on the intellect later on in life

Food addicts similar to drug addicts in brain activity

I always find myself amused whenever I hear the term “food addiction” get mentioned, simply because, hey, who isn’t addicted to food? Besides me being a smart ass and humans having to eat to live (even zombies have to eat some brain – it’s still food right?), seriously there are a lot of people out there who have an acute