Lung-inspired device produces clean fuel from water

We don’t think about breathing — but it’s a complex process that could help us one-day make hydrogen gas more efficiently.

Scientists transplant lab-grown lungs into pigs — they worked fine

It’s a landmark achievement in regenerative medicine.

Black lung disease makes resurgence among US coal miners

Coal workers’ pneumoconiosis (CWP), commonly called black lung disease, is caused by long exposure to coal dust and can have devastating consequences.

This is how the brain makes you sigh every 5 minutes

Sighing is a fundamental biological reflex that’s a lot more important than most people care to think. We don’t just sigh when we’re in a position of weariness or relief, but quite regularly for no particular reason — about 12 times an hour.

First 3D mini lungs grow in the lab help end animal testing

Stem cells were coaxed to grow into 3D dimensional mini lungs, or organoids, for the first time. These survived for more than 100 days. These pioneering efforts will serve to deepen our understanding of how lungs grow, as well as prove very useful for testing new drugs’ responses to human tissue. Hopefully, once human tissue grown in the lab becomes closer and close to the real deal (cultured hearts, lungs, kidneys etc.), animal testing might become a thing of the past.

Newly discovered microRNA may help diagnose lung cancer

Researchers at the National Research Foundation of Korea report on Sunday that they have identified a new microRNA molecule that suppresses a gene, which previous research had identified as playing a crucial role in lung cancer development. If the present findings are refined, it may be possible to diagnose lung cancer in the future based on this genetic marker. MicroRNAs

Injecting oxygen filled particles lets you survive without breathing

Without oxygen, your brain would shutdown within five minutes or so and you, as a person, along with it. Deprived of this fundamental element, brain cells can’t produce energy anymore and wither and die. Breathing is important, that’s pretty settled but what happens if you can’t rely on your lungs anymore. A team of researchers led by Harvard Medical School’s John N.

Bioprinting tissue: a solution for faster, cheaper drug testing

Testing drugs on 3-D printed human tissue might significantly improve drug research.

Odor receptors discovered in lungs

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Iowa have found out that we don’t just smell with our noses, we also smell with our lungs… sort of. But while your nose might tell you that something is or isn’t good for you, your lungs might make you cough it out. Smelling with your lungs The odor

First functioning lung and airway cells grown from human stem cells

Biotechnology is growing fast and the findings researchers are making the field are nothing short of breathtaking. Previously, ZME Science reported in the past few years alone a series of milestone premiers: the first bioengineered kidney and 3-D human kidney cells, the  first functioning blood vessels, the first teeth-like structures, a bioengineered heart that beats on its own and many more. All of