Chinese lunar rover shows dark side of the Moon like you’ve never seen it before

Take a walk on the dark side — of the moon.

New research plans to keep drones in the air longer by giving them the ability to land

It’s always good to take a breather!

A private company plans to land on the moon, but what will this precedent mean for space exploration?

Moon Express is going to the Moon — if we can solve the paperwork.

SpaceX lands a rocket on a barge in the middle of the ocean

It’s a historic moment for SpaceX and space exploration in general, as the company managed to land¬†its Falcon 9 rocket back on a barge in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Here’s a closeup of the landing: In 2015, just before Christmas, SpaceX made history when they successfully managed to¬†launch a rocket, send it to outer space, and then land

Discovery shuttle prepares for final landing

As I told you yesterday, the Discovery shuttle is preparing for a well deserved retirement, after 365 days spent in space, during which it traveled more than 150 million miles. All systems are go for landing at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, thus concluding its 13th and final mission. The shuttle left the International Space Station (ISS) yesterday after the crew

Scientists propose one way trips to Mars

As any traveler surely knows, it’s always cheaper if you travel one way; especially if you go to Mars. Recently, two renowned scientists made a proposal that startled the whole scientific community: one way trips to Mars. The whole purpose would be to colonize the planet faster and more economically, pretty much in the way the first settlers came to