Ancient, “priceless” royal jewelry uncovered in Kazakhstan

Treasure? Yep, priceless, golden, sparkly treasure.

Mysterious, Stonehenge-like, 1,500 year old monument found in Kazakhstan

Archaeologists have discovered a gigantic, 1,500-year-old stone monument in Kazakhstan.

Archaeologists working in Kazakhstan uncover 3,000-year-old pyramid mausoleum

The mausoleum was likely built for a local king more than three millennia ago.

Massive die-off threaten endangered antelope species’ future

One of the planet’s most endangered antelope, the saiga, suffered from a die-off of unprecedented scope. The massive loss of life from just a few weeks ago has conservationist groups worried about what future may hold for the species. But clues as to exactly what wiped out half of Kazakhstan’s saiga are starting to emerge, and scientists are looking at bacteria that normally co-exist with the antelope host, harmlessly living in their bodies as the main culprit.