Good-looking people are more likely to feel that life is fair

When life gives you lemons… you think of it as a very sour place.

Chimps and children as young as six will try to witness antisocial behavior being punished

We’re hardwired with compassion, but also ruthlessness.

Six-month olds like people who protect the weak, suggesting we’re born with a love for superheroes

We may be born with an innate sense of right and wrong.

Appointed judges outperform elected ones

Princeton University political scientists have found as part of a recent study looking to assess the performance of state supreme court justices that appointed justices generally bring a higher quality of information to the decision-making process, are less biased and are generally less prone to error as elected justices. For their study,  Matias Iaryczower, an assistant professor of politics at Princeton, along with

Justice served cold before lunch time: hungry judges less likely to grant parole

Law is a highly demanding field, in which its practitioners are required to have an objective and stoic approach at all times, but a recently published very interesting study shows that court judges can be just as biased as any of us and their rulings, however rational we’d love them to be, are influenced by moods and swings, and …