Detailed new map of human brain reveals almost 100 new regions

Just like space, the human brain has plenty of uncharted territory.

Scientists simulate a piece of a rat’s brain – will this save the $1bn. Human Brain Project?

Capitalizing a more than a decade’s worth of neuroscience and computer science research, an international team of 82 researchers from institutions around the world report one the most detailed digital reconstruction of a mammalian brain. The researchers simulated 30,000 neurons and almost 40 million synapses, part of a rat’s brain measuring less than a third of a cubic millimeter. It’s a small step that might one day help simulate the whole brain, not just of rats, but also of humans – the ultimate goal of the Human Brain Project (HBP), an ambitious project which the European Commission prioritized and awarded $1 billion in funding.

How the human brain differs according to sex – male and female brains compared

I recently came across a very interesting piece in the NY Post which cites a study that shows that while it was well known that a difference in size between male and female brains exists, there is now evidence that there are significant differences in the size of certain structural parts of the brain, according to gender. As such, researchers