Scientists regrow hair cells in mice, suggesting hearing loss is reversible after all

In the future, growing old may not necessarily mean you’ll have bad hearing.

Hearing loss and memory loss might go hand in hand

The findings only carry for one specific type of hearing loss.

Can Hearing Aids Also Save Your Memory?

If you’ve ever lived with someone who’s hard of hearing, or have struggled with hearing difficulties yourself, you know it can be a hard condition to live with. Thankfully, modern technology has given us a wide variety of hearing implements that can let us salvage this precious physical sense. But hearing loss can come with a number of related symptoms

Songbirds inspire next generation hearing aid, faithful to the human ear

Hearing loss can be devastating: you lose friends, become ever trapped inside your head and alienated from society. Yet, only one in five Americans choose to use a hearing aid. Some ignore their problem, others can’t afford treatment or installing a hearing aid, but really a lot of people choose not to wear a hearing aid because it can be