Twice as many people die of gun-related suicide than homicide in the U.S. — but Americans perceive the opposite

This gap between perception and reality may actually be putting some people at risk.

Guns kill or wound 7,000 children in the US yearly — it’s the third-leading cause of death among children

There is so much more we can do.

Gun violence in America in one Inglorious Map

This map shows what gun ownership on a per capita basis looks like around the world, based on data compiled by the Guardian. As you can see from the color codes, the United States tops the list being home to 88.8 guns per 100 people! The only country that marginally comes close is Yemen with 54.8 guns per 100 people.

High tech sniper rifle can tag victims and helps shoot around corners

Guns today are looking more and more like they’re from a video game or something. Take TrackingPoint’s latest┬áPrecision-Guided Firearm (PGF) – a sniper rifle that allows the user to tag targets so that the gun will come off only when the tag is in scope. Actually, considering the rifle doesn’t actually have an optical scope, but a highly advanced video

The Five Weirdest Things People Have Tried To Combine With Guns

Here are five real guns that stopped to look at both convention and common sense only shoot them point-blank in the faces.