A look at how the world invented pizza

Grab a slice!

One of the largest spiderwebs in the world just appeared on a Greek shoreline

The creepy sight was triggered by warming conditions. It should disappear on its own and poses no threat to locals.

Archaeologists find oldest known extract of Homer’s “Odyssey”

The stuff of legends.

Researchers find surprisingly sophisticated prehistoric monuments off the coast of Greece

The settlement, named Dhaskalio, was simply stunning for its time.

The Greek Navy’s wooden wall — Olympias, last trireme on duty in the world

One ship to carry a huge legacy.

Greek arts may have led to the creation of the Terracotta Army in ancient China

An army made to last forever.

Ancient, 2000-year-old skeleton found in legendary Antikythera shipwreck

The ancient bones could offer valuable DNA information from an ancient shipwreck victim.

Underwater ‘lost city’ turns out to be a geological formation

It’s way older than divers thought.

Luxurious Greek artefacts unearthed in the Antikythera site

The ancient Greek shipwreck that produced the awesome Antikythera mechanism, hailed as the world’s first analog computer (being almost two millenia old), had archaeologists’ collective pants full of ants and it seems that their enthusiasm was well placed. The shipwreck is slowly yielding new artifacts, offering a glimpse into the lifestyles of the ancient “1%” in the Hellenic peninsula.

Danish archaeologists uncover ancient killing fields in the Ukraine

Chersonesos was an ancient city on the Crimean peninsula, in today’s Ukraine; the name itself means ‘peninsula’, and Greeks founded it some 2500 years ago, to supply their homeland with grain and other strategic resources. The famed Greek city-states had much need of such resources in order to survive and thrive. Archaeologists from Aarhus (Denmark) have been exploring the development

Oldest readable writing found in Europe

Extraordinary enough, an ancient Greek tablet datingĀ  far as back as 1450-1350 BC was found last summer in an olive grove in what’s now the village of Iklaina, which makes it the oldest readable piece of writing found in Europe. The position and time frame of the artifact places it in the time of the Mycenaean, often mentioned in Homer’s