Using Mathematical Functions to Create Stunning Animations

Mathematics is a very powerful tool to create beautiful works of art.

Food-science Sunday : The geometry of a Pringle

Mathematics is not about equations, numbers, computation or algorithms: It is about Understanding! There are many ways to understand it – the one that this post is based on is real life visualization. The Pringle shape is what is known in mathematics / calculus as a hyperbolic paraboloid. Why are Pringles a hyperbolic paraboloid? The saddle shape allowed for easier

Science ABC – how aztecs did the math

The Aztecs were the dominant civilization in Mexico for several hundred years, when their “reign” was stopped by the Spanish in the early 1500s. An astonishing thing about them (among others) is the fact that they left behind really extensive mathematical writings, intriguing scholars ’til this day. Two manuscripts in particular have been object to study because they portray land